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Welcome To CincyTap!

Welcome to CincyTap, where the magic awaits! From graceful ballet and infectious tap to vibrant jazz, dynamic hip-hop, and captivating musical theatre, our diverse classes offer something for everyone. Unleash your creativity and embrace the joy of movement under the guidance of our teachers. Join our warm and inclusive community to make friends, build confidence, and discover the transformative power of rhythm. Whether you are a parent looking to enroll your child or an adult just starting out, take the first step towards learning a beautiful new skillset. Let’s move together and create unforgettable memories on the floor!

What Dance Genres Do We Offer?

CincyTap offers a dynamic range of dance genres designed to ignite the passion of every dancer who steps through our doors. 

Our diverse class offerings include the graceful elegance of ballet, where poise and technique come together to tell enchanting stories. Experience the infectious rhythm and percussive magic of tap, as your feet become instruments of rhythm and expression. Unleash your inner energy with the vibrant and soulful movements of jazz, while exploring your individuality through creative choreography. Embrace the urban beats and electrifying moves of hip-hop, where self-expression takes center stage. Lastly, our musical theatre classes combine acting and dance, providing an exciting opportunity to shine on the stage as a performer. At CincyTap, our instructor creates a nurturing and welcoming environment for all dancers, inspiring growth and artistic exploration in each genre.

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